Tolland Budget Referendum - A Look at the BOE's most common questions

by Our Tolland

Attached are Dr. Willett’s answers to his three most common questions: What positions were cut? Why ​is the budget increasing? Why ​is pay increasing ​ ?

Thank you for reading.

I rarely send emails like this. Your action now will largely determine whether Tolland's budget referendum this Tuesday May 17th passes or fails. Many of you have said you support the school and town budget proposed to residents. You have also asked for information to tell your friends. While there is much available, Attached are Dr. Willett's answers to his three most common questions:

  1. What positions were cut?
  2. Why is the budget increasing?
  3. Why is pay increasing ?

What you can do:
Ask your questions.Let me know, or ask questions of Dr. Willett. What feels unclear to you?

Add your message and pass this on to your friends.If you feel strongly about your town and schools, if you are concerned that quality will be compromised, if you support the efforts to move forward in the areas of instruction, facility maintenance and school climate, please add your comments and pass this on!

Remind neighbors with your Vote Today sign.Sample attached, arrange to get yours by visiting Supporting Public Education in Tolland on Facebook.

Join in on Monday night, 5/16.Starting at 5:30 (or whenever you can arrive) in the "green room" in the Star Hill Sports cafe, help make reminder phone calls to voters.... Bring your cellphone, call list is provided. This is also an opportunity to learn more and connect. YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE.

All should know 1) Polls are open 6AM to 8PM Tues 5/17 2) Voting no or not voting jeopardize town and school services. 3) Some are confused. You have seen signs that sayBuild for Tolland not for UCONN. The budget referendum on Tuesday is for your town and schools this coming year. It is not about this specific economic development question.


Sam Adlerstein

Written by:

Our Tolland