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by Our Tolland

Tolland Animal Control wishes to inform residents of recent reports and sightings of many different types of wild animals and reminders…

Tolland Animal Control wishes to inform residents of recent reports and sightings of many different types of wild animals and offer a reminder that these animals are wild and should not be fed or approached.

Historically we have been able to document bears, fisher cats, moose, eagles, fox and bobcats that inhabit our town. Reports of a large coyote or hybrid dog in the Grant Hill Road, Metcalf Road have also been made. There has been only one reported encounter with this type of animal versus a resident’s dog. While we have no hard evidence at this time, there have been reported sightings of a large catlike or possible mountain lion in the area of Mountain Spring, Old Post and Loehr Roads. In the early days mountain lions were indigenous to this region so it is not unlikely for them to inhabit this area. These animals can be seen at any time of the day or night, though generally during the dusk to dawn hours. If you see one of these magnificent animals making their way through your lawn, feel free to stop and take a moment to enjoy the sight or possibly snap a photo. You should never approach a wild animal, however watch from a safe distance and consider it a privilege that you have been able to witness the beauty of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

With the seasons changing and the leaves falling it may be a great opportunity for hikers and trail walkers to snap clear photos, should you spot something in the woods. Anyone who is lucky enough to have photographic evidence of these animals is encouraged to share them with Tolland Animal Control. Photos can be emailed along with the date and time they were taken, as well as the photographer’s name, address and phone number to

There is no need to panic or be alarmed however we ask that residents be on alert. Residents who own domesticated animals are encouraged to make certain that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations and not to let them outside unattended. Dog owners are reminded to license their dogs aged 6 months or older. Since winter is fast approaching residents are reminded to secure pens, sheds and barns that may house livestock.

To deter these animals from being on your property, please be sure to keep all garbage in closed containers, don’t put food out in compost piles, put away bird feeders, do not leave pet food outdoors, and do not leave small animals outside unattended. You may hang wind chimes in areas which frequent these animals or bang metal objects to frighten them away.

Please remember that we are fortunate to share this beautiful town with many species and need to remain cautious and respectful of these animals. If you witness any wild animal acting aggressively towards either a human or a companion animal, please contact Tolland Animal Control at 860-871-3676.

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Tolland Animal Control

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