Living In The New American Dream…

by Andy Powell

When I was approached to write a blog in support of the new Tolland website, I said sure. It would be fun and a way to support the town. Then I had to figure out what to blog about, which is an interesting prospect. I will try to not be too controversial or inflammatory in my musing of what it is like to live in Tolland.

Hello to all in the Webernet!

First off, a huge thank you to all of folks involved in the Celebrate Tolland 300 committee. To go from what is a great idea – celebrating a big anniversary for the town that you live in, to making it a reality has taken thousands of hours of effort. Even for a town that has a great history of volunteering, it takes a special group of people to commit to getting the resources, materials, money and people lined up to showcase what Tolland is all about. And, in a nutshell, the celebrate Tolland 300 event is a really good representation of our town. We started as a community that wanted to live someplace where we could make a better life 300 years ago. And now, we still have that same drive.

Sure, the stakes are different. A bad winter or a failed crop is not going to spell disaster for our families. We don’t have to have the skills and tools to make our houses, or know how to care for livestock to ensure our survival. But, at the core, we all (well almost all) of us came to Tolland to make a better life for ourselves and our families. Maybe it was the open space, the schools, the closeness to UConn or the commute to Hartford that was better. Whatever the reason, we all chose to be here. And, that reason alone is what binds us together. Whether you are a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan, a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent, Vegan or Carnivore, Protestant or Catholic or Muslim or Atheist – We all live in Tolland. Even with our “differences”, we all drink the same water, eat the same food (mostly) from pretty much the same places, breathe the same air. For most part, our kids go to the same schools, play in the same sports leagues, and act in the same plays.

I think that this is why the Celebrate Tolland 300 event is such a great and important event, and why we are in the debt of the people that organized the celebration. In a day where we are bombarded by why we are different and how that difference should define us and why we should be enraged that our difference is not “valued” – Tolland is the mortar that holds us together. Tolland, for all of our differences, is where we call home. And, we should celebrate the brave souls that took those determined steps into the woods to look for a better place. Because, in the end, they found it…. And so did we.

Andy Powell
Written by:

Andy Powell

Andy is married and a father of 3 who has been a resident here in Tolland for 12 years. He is involved in Civic pursuits, volunteer community service and the new American dream...